Chimirec International

Chimirec International

The CHIMIREC Group became aware at a very early stage of the problems caused by certain types of waste on the environment if not handled properly. Nowadays the collection, the treatment of industrial waste and the management of its impact on the environment concerns all industrial countries.

Environmental issues – a global challenge

It is clear that global environmental challenges cannot be met without international standardisation and international regulations in relation to the environment. However, a country's cultural characteristics must be preserved if we are to make global action effective at a national level.

The different world summits and international conventions on the theme of the environment have led to numerous laws which have enabled companies like CHIMIREC to access markets that were previously closed.

A responsible policy of international development

In the context of preserving the planet, the CHIMIREC Group is undoubtedly an important point of contact because of itsexpertise in the collection, sorting and treatment of hazardous industrial waste.

Each time we establish a new facility abroad, we are committed to:

  • Bringing our citizenship values and our know-how ;
  • Ensuring that our services are adapted to take into account the rules, customs and traditions of the country.

Our commitments and values have enabled us to develop strong lasting bonds with our international partners and to watch our presence and experience abroad grow day by day.

Let's work together to protect and preserve nature 

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