Our commitments

Our commitments

Quality, safety, environment: our permanent threefold commitment

In its constant bid for improvement, the CHIMIREC Group has endeavoured to achieve the combined certification of the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard and the ISO 18001 Health and Safety standard.

An Eco-citizen Company

As a responsible and caring group, CHIMIREC focuses both on client expectations and satisfaction, but also on the safety of its partners and the impact on the environment of its activities.

Our values stem from sharing good practice throughout our organisation and thereby link economic issues to environmental issues.

  1. Acknowledging an all-encompassing approach that involves every staff member
  2. Putting client satisfaction at the core of our business
  3. Ensuring the safety of our staff
  4. Guaranteeing the security of our facilities and equipment
  5. Contributing to environmental protection on a daily basis
  6. Improving effectiveness in managing and organising resources
  7. Strengthening team motivation

QSE Requirements driving our performance

By the end of 2009 all our sites will be certified by AFAQ (Association Française de L'Assurance Qualité – French Association of Quality Assurance)/AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation – French Association for Normalisation).

100% of our staff currently work on a QSE certified site.


This improvement programm continues to focus on all aspects of the life cycle of the industrial waste that CHIMIREC is responsible for; it also applies to every site and to each of the domains in which we act.

Did you know?

Each facility offers a customized response to all the requirements of the 3 QSE standards.

Our 14 Quality, Safety and Environment managers ensure that every day the management system at each facility is in line with the Chimirec Group's requirements. They also ensure the implementation and the maintenance of ISO standards.

14 standard documents, one for each site, assess the professional risks that staff could be exposed to in terms of their health and safety. Relevant action plans are then put together.

14 environmental tests assess the impact of each site's activities on the environment and enable action plans to be fine-tuned and acted upon.

14 safety advisors who ensure that our workers involved in the transport, collection, sorting and consolidating of HIW, follow ADR regulations.

Objective for 2012: a unified certification

As part of this ongoing commitment to a threefold standard, the CHIMIREC Group wishes to obtain a unified certification for the three frames of reference. This three year objective will enable us to strengthen the cohesiveness and solidarity between the different subsidiary companies.