Our history

Our history

The Chimirec independent group has grown in line with the new European norms and regulations that relate to the treatment of hazardous industrial wastes (HIW), especially those created by the automobile sector. Our carefully thought out development is closely tied to the notion of a service which is close at hand for SMEs throughout France.


CHIMIREC, a family business created by Pierre Fixot, specialises in the collection of waste oil.


This is the year when the new laws on the disposal of waste and the recovery of materials appear. In order to help industry meet these new requirements, CHIMIREC develops a specific expertise in the collection of HIW and diversifies its treatment processes. The company achieves a lasting partnership with numerous SMEs. This core expertise will enable the company to expand throughout France and to win the confidence of large industrial groups.


Jean Fixot is CEO for the CHIMIREC Group. The group develops and adapts in line with new norms and legislation related to the collection, sorting and recovery of hazardous waste. CHIMIREC continues a sustained policy of internal and external growth, absorbing the changes in the market to be able to better adapt to its demands. While all the time retaining its independence and philosophy, the group alternates between assimilating existing companies and establishing specialised plants.


The staff of CHIMIREC supports the company's commitment to the threefold QSE certification. Jean Fixot puts forward as objective the achievement of the threefold Quality ISO 9001, Environment ISO 14001 and Safety OHSAS 18001 certification for every site and for all CHIMIREC's services by 2009.


The Group is present on the international market. It has its first site in Poland: CHIMIREC SEPTOS.


Jean Fixot unites all the structures and expertise relating to collection and consolidation under the name ‘CHIMIREC Group'.


The 2001 QSE objective has been reached, as by the end of the year all the facilities will have obtained the QSE certification from AFAQ (French Association for Quality Assurance). As part of this ongoing commitment, the CHIMIREC Group wishes to obtain a unified certification for all three frames of reference in order to strengthen the cohesiveness and solidarity between the different subsidiary companies. Moreover, CHIMIREC will soon put all its energy into an ambitious sustainable development project.


CHIMIREC publishes its first Sustainable Development Report and affirms its voluntary commitment to Sustainable Development.


CHIMIREC gets the "unique" Group certification on all its subsidiaries and activities (always based on three referential).This businnes project is outcome of qualifications already obtained by each of subsidiaries between 2007 and 2009.


CHIMIREC proposes a method which consist in transfomer combustible waste with high calorific value. This tool of energy from waste prepares energetic fuel substitute.


CHIMIREC acquires a new line of recovery "ECO-LOGISTIQUE Réemploi" : plastic refurbishing and recovery