Sorting, Consolidating and Pre-treatment

Sorting, Consolidating and Pre-treatment

Every one of the CHIMIREC Group's 13 facilities (each is equipped with a waste analysis laboratory) handles a significant quantity of waste on a daily basis.

Our three areas of expertise, collecting, sorting/consolidating/pre-treatment and recovery offer our customers an all-in-one solution in the management of their hazardous waste. The synergy of our available strategies along with the control and coordination of our actions ensures an unbroken flow in the management of your HIW (Hazardous Industrial Waste).

Our waste management process


By always aiming to stay on top of the risks, we continuously sort, consolidate and pre-treat your waste.

  • As soon as the collection trucks arrive at our facilities, the waste is weighed. This certifies the exactness of the volume recorded on the waste transfer note.
  • Our chemists carry out tests, checks and controls on the products (for the ‘Certificat d'Acceptation au Préalable' [preliminary certificate of acceptance]). If the waste transfer note conforms to the waste in question, it is signed and sent back to the client with the invoice.
  • The waste is sorted and consolidated according to different categories.
  • It is stored in designated areas or tanks.



To increase the technical and economic performance of recovery, certain products undergo pre-treatment procedures before recovery (crushing or screening). Next they are consolidated and stored according to the type of product before being passed on to an approved treatment centre.

CHIMIREC's turn-key solution

  • A single point of contact.
  • A better technical, economic and environmental performance in service provision.
  • A simplified administrative system.
  • A complete traceability.
  • All types of waste handled in accordance with regulations.
  • Optimum costs (transport, storage, time for administration).

Information on the regulations

A producer of waste is responsible for his waste until the waste has been entirely disposed of. This is in line with the ‘Polluter Pays' principle. The producer's obligations are to separate normal industrial waste from special industrial waste which has to undergo a specific treatment. In addition to final waste, all other types of waste must be recycled, recovered or treated using the best available technology.

Did you know?

Tri, Regroupement et Pré-traitementThe Chimirec Group is authorized to help its customers benefit from Water Authority grants. These subsidies can amount to 50% of the real costs and are deducted from the CHIMIREC invoices.




The CHIMIREC Group handles 300,000 litres of waste oil and 470,000 kg of waste every day.
A threefold certification for the CHIMIREC Group which applies to all our sites and to all those fields of activity where we intervene