Collection of waste oil

Collection of waste oil

With 300,000 litres of waste oil collected every day, the CHIMIREC Group is a key player in the collection of waste oil throughout France. For more than 30 years we have been using our know-how to help professionals, especially those in the automobile, construction and public works sectors.

A service which is ecological, simple and free of charge

Having a logistics platform which is distributed throughout France means that we can come to your site within 10 days.

  • A free service for any volume greater than 600 litres
  • One of our specially adapted tankers can pump out the oil from your storage tank (meets ADR regulations)
  • Two samples taken (one for the producer and one for the holder – a check that guarantees the traceability of a product and its conformity)
  • A collection consignment note is provided (this document mentions the quantity and quality of oil and acts as the waste transfer note).
  • The truck leaves for one of our transfer stations and then to an approved waste disposal centre.
  • If you would like more information or advice, get in touch with one of our CHIMIREC points of contact.

Information on the regulations

Waste oil is mineral or synthetic oil that has been used and for which the collection and treatment are regulated by the decree of 21 November 1979 (79-981) and the 28 January 1999 orders. The type of collection and disposal of waste oil is determined by the decree of 21 November 1979 and modified by the 21 January 1999 orders.

Collections are organised on a countywide basis. All holders of waste oil must pass this oil to an approved local authority carrier or ensure the transport of the oil to an approved waste disposal centre.

The CHIMIREC Group is an approved carrier of waste oil – get in touch with one of CHIMIREC's points of contact for information on your nearest approved collector.

Together we can protect the environment

1416343941._dsc56462.jpgWaste oil includes engine oil and certain types of industrial oil (quench oil, rolling oil, drawing oils, etc.). These types of oil become waste oil when they are heavily degraded.

Waste oil which has been collected by us is transported to approved waste disposal centres for regeneration (transformed into base oil) or recovery (having a high calorific value, in the right conditions they can be used as fuel in cement works).

By recycling this type of oil we use less of our petroleum resources and hence protect our environment.

Our recommendations to holders of waste oil

  • Do not mix waste oil with other products (PCBs, water, solvents, etc.).
  • The collection of waste oil is only free for waste oil which has not been mixed (the producer is responsible for the collected product).
  • Separate waste oil from light oil because they follow different treatment routes.
  • Store waste oil in containers on designated premises.
  • Retain all consignments notes for complete traceability.