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Innovative solutions to manage the waste from companies in ecological mutation

Waste recovery solutions

In France, the CHIMIREC Group is among the leaders specializing in the recovery of many industrial wastes: oils, filters, sludge, PCB transformers, plastics, cooling fluids, and waste with high calorific power. As proof of its commitment to sustainable development, 80% of the waste collected by the CHIMIREC Group is recovered.

 Personnel and facilities safety, a strong commitment of the CHIMIREC Group

Personnel and facilities safety, a strong commitment of the CHIMIREC Group

Waste management activity inevitably places safety at the heart of CHIMIREC's concerns. It is an integral part of our commitments to social and environmental responsibility. The triple quality-safety-environment certification of all our French sites reflects our high requirement in this area. 
This comprehensive approach has two essential objectives: to ensure the health and safety of our teams, and to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

<b>Personnel and facilities safety,</b> a strong commitment of the CHIMIREC Group
CHIMIREC Group - 2023 Environment Report

Discover our commitments in our 2023 Environment Report

Waste collection, sorting, treatment, and recycling activities contribute to sustainable development. In 2023, the CHIMIREC Group strengthened its commitments and published its Environment Report.