An exclusive process designed for filters

The CHIMIREC Group has established an exclusive purpose-built treatment unit – the only one in France

This unit has enabled us to separate the three main components found in filters (oil, paper, metal) for material recovery. Our Chimirec Javéné site is involved at every step in the management of this product from the time of collection to the final treatment.

  • On-site collection of your filters and a sales proposal adapted to your needs.
  • Collection within 10 days, receipt of your filters at our consolidation and recovery facility.

Separation of the 3 main components found in filters (oil, paper, metal) for material recovery:

  • Manual sorting.
  • Draining into a pool and preliminary oil recovery.
  • Crushing.
  • Centrifugation and extraction of hydrocarbons.
  • Magnetic separation of the paper/metal mixture.
  • Baling the filtering elements and a second oil recovery.

Recycling capacity for oil and fuel filters: 12,000 tons per year.

Find out more about our filter treatment centre: CHIMIREC JAVENE

Our treatment unit (exclusive in France) has enabled us to maximise the material recovery from the filters.

Like all the CHIMIREC group sites (classed as ICPE [‘Installations Classées pour la Protection de l'Environnement' – Classified Environment Protection Establishment] sites), the design of this site conforms to current environmental regulations and norms. It offers an absolute guarantee in terms of overall safety and the efficiency of the methods used.

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Product types we handle

  • Oil and fuel filters.

Material and Energy Recovery

  • Oil recycling (30 %) (regeneration or incineration for BTU recovery) in specialised treatment centres.
  • Paper incineration (20 %) for cement kilns (energy recovery).
  • Metal reused directly (50 %) in foundries (material recovery).