Light Oil

Light Oil

A successful procedure for your light oil

From the time of collection to the material recovery as regenerated base oil, our Chimirec PPM site is involved at every step in the management of your used light oil.

  • Receipt, analysis and validation of the sample by CHIMIREC PPM's laboratory.
  • Regeneration of the oil by filtration and vacuum dehydration. Our site is equipped with a series coalescer and a vacuum dehydrator which allow us to decrease the concentration of oil in water (
  • Laboratory testing: chromatographic analysis, viscosity, percentage of water, etc.
  • Product validated before being dispatched.

CHIMIREC PPM produces between 8,000 and 12,000 tons of regenerated light oil every year (depending on the quality of the original). This regenerated oil is used as base oil in industry.

CHIMIREC PPM: An eco-logical service provider

With both its acknowledged know-how and its implementation of successful recovery procedures, CHIMIREC PPM guarantees the regeneration of all your solvents, coolants and light oil.

If you want your waste to have a new lease of life, custom work is the answer

  • Your liquids are regenerated according to your requirements.
  • The regenerated products will be dispatched to you, ready for use.

If you want to protect the environment, selling regenerating products is the answer

  • Supply and sale of regenerated liquids.
  • Regenerated solvents, coolants and light oil are ready to use within your industrial setting.

If you want your waste collected and treated, calling in an approved collector is the answer

  • Your used solvents collected within 10 days.
  • We handle the collection and treatment of your solvents, coolants and light oil nationally.

Light oil recycling capacity: 10,000 tons per year.

Find out more about our coolant treatment centre: CHIMIREC PPM

Because we respect the environment, CHIMIREC PPM has developed a regeneration solution for the regeneration of coolants on a 1,000 m² site.

The CHIMIREC Group's research and development centre is located at the site. Its mission is to firmly establish our existing treatment methods and to develop innovative recovery techniques.

Our site is a member of Responsible Care and adheres to the 9 main principles of the Responsible Care Charter.

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Type of waste we handle

  • Used light oil.


Material Recovery

Base oil with the same properties as new base oil (can be used as oil for stripping, chain oil, etc.)