Safety is at the very core of our profession. It flows from the fact that each and every one of us is involved, that our actions are transparent, and that safety regulations and procedures are rigorously adhered to.

Adhering to the regulations

Staying in complete accordance with the regulations has required constant vigilance by all our sites and within all our services.

  • Adherence to regulations (Employment, health, transport laws, standard documents).
  • Adherence to contractual obligations (specific staff training on safety, container compliance and truck equipment).
  • Regulatory intelligence, implementation of action plans and compliance.
  • Establishment of a fast and simple identification system for waste (labelling for sorting, risks and transport).

Site safety and people's safety on a daily basis

1416342042.certif.iso.gifAt each CHIMIREC facility, a QSE manager identifies any situation that could engender a risk and makes colleagues aware of the QSE issues via written information, activities or courses. Every day staff teams ensure compliance to basic safety advice (the use of PPE, no obstruction of access to safety equipment, traceability of waste, etc.).

  • Note that: the goal of our CHSCTs ‘Comité d'Hygiène et de Sécurité et des Conditions de Travail' (Health and Safety committee) at each facility is to contribute to safeguarding the health and safety of CHIMIREC staff. They analyze working conditions and the professional risks that staff is exposed to during site inspections and investigations.
  • The ‘Retour d'EXpérience' REX (learning from experience) process is a methodical approach that we continuously use (benefitting from the teams' experience, feedback after incidents, up to the minute information, etc.). Consequently, this ‘REX' helps us to optimize how our safety processes operate at a human, organizational and technical level.

Quality, Safety, Environment.

A threefold certification - proof of our performance in quality management.