A national group which is always close at hand

A national group which is always close at hand

Today the CHIMIREC Group is a key player in the collection and treatment of Hazardous Industrial Waste (HIW) both in France and abroad.

The size of the business or the local authority makes no difference to us, neither does the field of activity; we offer our expertise on quality, safety and environment protection to all our clients, and we remain close at hand.

All waste collected by our heavy vehicles (complying with ADR, European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) is brought to our facilities to be weighed, analyzed, consolidated and prepared. It is then dispatched to approved treatment routes.

In order to better safeguard the environment, the CHIMIREC Group has developed 7 methods of treatment that use procedures for recovering material or energy.

CHIMIREC is never far away from your business

  • 27 approved sites in France.
  • 14 collection, consolidation and pre-treatment facilities offering a service which is close at hand.
  • 5 facilities abroad (Poland, Canada and Turkey).
  • 9 transfer stations for waste oil.
  • 15 laboratories completing 5,000 analyses on waste every day.
  • 7 treatment centres offering 8 recovery methods for waste.
  • 320 heavy goods vehicles (ADR regulations) safely collect your waste on a daily basis throughout France.


  • 2011 : 132 million euros
  • 2012 : 126 million euros
  • 2013 : 128 million euros