CHIMIREC collects your waste

As an additional service associated with our waste treatment services, CHIMIREC handles waste collection directly at our customers' production sites. The Group has a fleet of approved vehicles and its drivers are trained in good safety practices.

Ensuring regulatory transportation

With flatbed trucks, tanker trucks, sewer trucks, of various capacities for each type of vehicle, the Group can meet the specific requirements of each waste collection.
All our vehicles are specifically equipped and are in ADR compliance (European regulations governing the transport of hazardous materials by road).

100% benefits for our customers

From the diagnosis of waste to its treatment, CHIMIREC offers a full cycle service to its customers. All steps are taken care of by our Group, with guarantees of safety and compliance with regulations.
Thanks to our collection service:
•   No waste storage problems: waste removal is carried out regularly by CHIMIREC
•   No need for dedicated labour: our drivers ensure the removal
•   No stock outages of containers: full containers are loaded directly into our vehicles and empty containers are systematically set up
•   Strict compliance with regulations: a Waste Tracking Way Bill is given to the customer.