CHIMIREC Canada: The growing business of Recyclage Hydrocarb

CHIMIREC Canada, l’activité croissante de Recyclage Hydrocarb

Established in Canada since 2009, in the province of Quebec, the CHIMIREC Group had until 2019 two subsidiaries specialising in hazardous waste management: Solva-Rec Environnement and FEC Technologie. With its third subsidiary, Recyclage Hydrocarb, the Group has seen significant growth in its activities in Canada.

The acquisition of Recyclage Hydrocarb: a successful investment

When the Recyclage Hydrocarb site was built in 2019, the CHIMIREC Group's partner was Campor Environnement, which was responsible for operating and developing the used black oil collection and consolidation business.
Located just a stone's throw from Solva-Rec Environnement, Recyclage Hydrocarb has a 9,000 m2 site and a 1,200 m2 building with a storage capacity of 600,000 litres of black oil.
In 2013, noting that Recyclage Hydrocarb's results were well below expectations, the CHIMIREC Group decided to buy out Campor Environnement's shares in the company, and to entrust the operation of Recyclage Hydrocarb to its subsidiary Solva-Rec Environnement.


The expertise of the local team: the driving force behind Recyclage Hydrocarb's development

For the CHIMIREC Group, the management of used black oil is a long-standing speciality, dating. Over the years, its expertise has extended to a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste produced by the automotive sector. In France, the Group has set up dedicated processes for recovering oil filters and regenerating cooling fluids.


In Canada, the Recyclage Hydrocarb team has solid experience in the used oil market. They include André Lachevrotière, Director of CHIMIREC Canada, Mike Gagnon, Operations Manager, and Jean-Charles Dumais, Sales Manager.


Since this trio of managers took over the operation of Recyclage Hydrocarb, the results have been largely positive, rising from 1,000 tonnes of oil collected previously to more than 2,000 tonnes in 6 months with another 4,000 tonnes projected for 2024. These oils are sold to partner operators for regeneration or for use in the energy recovery process. At the same time, Recyclage Hydrocarb handles other waste (residual hazardous materials) produced by car garages, which is supplied to the subsidiary Solva-Rec Environnement.


Today, this expansion of activities makes CHIMIREC Canada the Group's leading international subsidiary in terms of sales.



Location: Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Quebec
Number of employees: 55

  • Transport and management of residual hazardous materials
  • Used oil collection
  • Parts washing service.
  • Environmental consulting service.

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Location: Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Quebec
Number of employees: 5

  • Used oil collection.
  • Collection of residual hazardous materials.


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Location: Magog - Quebec
Number of employees: 9

  • Transport and management of residual hazardous materials.
  • Treatment of contaminated water.
  •  Industrial cleaning.
  •  Environmental consulting service.


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Published : 2024-02-26

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