CHIMIREC International : our collection centres abroad

The CHIMIREC Group became aware very early on of the problems that hazardous waste could cause for the environment if it was not handled properly. Today, the collection and treatment of industrial waste and the management of its impact on the environment concern all industrialised countries.

Environmental issues : a global challenge

The world's environmental challenges cannot be met without international standardisation and regulation of the environment. However, the specific cultural characteristics of each country must be respected if global action is to be effective at the national level.

The various world summits and international conventions held on environmental issues have led to the enactment of numerous laws. Today, these laws allow companies such as CHIMIREC to access markets that were previously closed to them.

A responsible international development policy

As a specialist in the collection, sorting, and treatment of hazardous industrial waste, the CHIMIREC Group is unquestionably a key player in the drive to protect the planet.

For each project we undertake to:

  • Apply our civic values and know-how.

  • Adapt our service to the rules, customs and habits of each country.

Our commitments and values have enabled us to forge strong, lasting relationships with our international partners and to expand our international presence and experience on an ongoing basis.


Let's work together to preserve a healthy natural environment!

Poland: Chimirec POLAND

  • Location: Warsaw and Lodz

  • Acquisition date: 2004

  • Number of employees: 44

  • Type of business: Hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection - Transit - Temporary storage - Waste processing

  • TWaste managed: 11,000 T/year

  • Web link + e-mail contact:

Turkey: Chimirec AVRASYA

  • Location: Gebze (KOACELI)

  • Acquisition date: 2007

  • Number of employees: 50

  • Type of activities: Hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection - RDF production -Transit Temporary storage - Plastic and aerosols recycling - Oil filters recycling
  • Waste managed: 52,000 tonnes/year
  • Web link + e-mail contact: /

Morocco: Chimirec MOROCCO

  • Location: Kenitra

  • Creation date: 2018

  • Number of employees: 12

  • Type of activities: collection and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste

  • Waste managed: 3,500 T/year

  • Email contact:

Quebec :

Solva-Rec Environment

  • Location: Saint-Jean sur Richelieu (QUEBEC)
  • Creation date: 2003

  • Number of employees: 45

  • Type of business: hazardous waste management

  • Waste managed: 31,000 T/year

  • Web link + e-mail contact:  /

 FEC Technologie

  • Location: Magog (QUEBEC)

  • Acquisition date: 2005

  • Number of employees: 9

  • Type of business: hazardous waste management and water treatmentTonnage de déchets gérés : 6 000 T/an
  • Waste managed: 6,000 T/year

  • Web link + e-mail contact:  /