Close at hand

Close at hand

With its 13 collection and consolidation facilities, its 11 transfer stations and its 7 recovery plants, the CHIMIREC Group is able to accompany its clients at each step of their technical or economic development.

An all-encompassing solution that is just around the corner from your business

Our ‘close at hand' sites and our high-performance IT equipment mean that we can pool our techniques, coordinate our resources and offer standardized services throughout the country. We want to bring the CHIMIREC Group's expertise to our customers by keeping the focus on a service that is close at hand and focuses on two-way communication:

  • a customized waste audit (taking into account your statutory and logistical constraints).
  • a regulatory intelligence and compliance with your environmental objectives.
  • individualized management on the administrative and operational side (organized collection, even for small quantities of waste, appropriate containers and transport for your waste).
  • an optimized traceability via our in-house management software.

We can advise you on your environmental programm

In the light of a growing number of new environmental issues and responsibilities facing businesses, we help our customers reduce their waste, and to sort and store it more efficiently.

  • Reduction in the volume of waste at source.
  • Optimal selective sorting.
  • Implementation of storing and labelling techniques.
  • Careful choice of the most appropriate treatment routes.
  • Developing reuse at the earliest possible moment.

CHIMIREC's communication media is available to you and will help you in your environmental programm (waste related pictograms, information sheets on selective sorting in the workplace, etc.).