Ensuring the safety of people: an absolute priority for the CHIMIREC Group

chimirec - QSE certification

In full awareness and responsibility of the risks inherent in its hazardous waste management business, the CHIMIREC Group has been committed since 2001 to a Quality Safety Environment certification process for all its French subsidiaries.

"Our international subsidiaries must meet the same high standards, and I have made human safety one of my top priorities," says François de Tarragon, the Group's international director since September 2020. "Even if the regulations in force in the countries where we operate may be less demanding than in France, we must be exemplary. This applies both to the construction standards of our sites and to the means put in place to ensure that our teams work in the best possible safety conditions. In our sector of activity, exporting expertise in business processes is inevitably linked to the transmission of essential safety practices. "

Safety: equipment and training

In addition to the mandatory wearing of personal and collective protective equipment, locally recruited employees are trained in safety rules. "In terms of awareness raising and safety action plans, we benefit from the experience we have acquired over the years in France. In 2012, the CHIMIREC Group obtained  the triple Quality Safety Environment certification for all its subsidiaries in France.  And, for so many years, the safety policy has remained relevant daily, particularly through the QSE coordinators. We know that only a strong commitment to a safety culture, which mobilises everyone, will ultimately achieve the desired objective: reduce the risk of human accidents to a minimum. And this commitment implies a desire for continuous improvement because nothing can be taken for granted in this matter. It will be the object of all my attention, within the framework of our current and future international subsidiaries" concludes the international director of the CHIMIREC Group.

Published : 2021-07-29

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