Human Resources

With a total of 30 collection, sorting, consolidation and recovery sites in France, CHIMIREC now employs more than 975 experienced and qualified personnel.

The variety of jobs has created a cultural and social vitality within the group and encouraged its core values.

A threefold management standard (Quality, Safety, Environment)

93% of our staff (100% by the end of 2009) currently work on sites that have obtained the AFAQ threefold QSE certification. This company wide programme involves all our staff in a common project which brings together our three management systems (quality, safety, environment). It is a mark of how our processes perform, and it confirms both our good practice and the effectiveness of our service provision.

As part of this threefold commitment, we have introduced a sustainable human resources policy (supporting social dialogue, skills acquisition, awareness raising and training for staff on sustainable development).

Safety for all: a priority for everyone

At CHIMIREC we constantly ensure that the health and safety of our staff is paramount. This of course links to the standards of safety of our sites and our equipment, but also to the importance of good practice (constantly checked and improved).

  • Safety and risk prevention training (health, first aid, good posture).
  • Obligatory use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which conforms to regulations relating to risk control.
  • Awareness training on having a responsible attitude or supporting others.
  • Information via publications and our internal magazine.

A massive training programme

Since 2008, the human resources management team have implemented a sweeping skills assessment programme for each profession. This continuous assessment will lead to the gradual introduction of specific training programmes for staff within all professions (skills improvement, career advancement, internal mobility).

This individualised approach will build staff skills in addition to a spirit of innovation and progress over the long term – these relate directly to the company's main internal values.

Growth in staff numbers at CHIMIREC

  • 2012 : 894
  • 2013 : 975
  • 2014 : 857

Our core values

Loyalty: Everyone works together to achieve relationships with the company which are built on confidence and frankness because people are at the core of what we do.

Involvement: Everyone works as part of a team. We all play a role in the company (drive and initiative) which is also our company.

Innovation: We listen and respond. We anticipate and encourage the passing on of information.

Credibility: We keep to our commitments. We are honest and professional.