The CHIMIREC Group: partner in your environmental approach

Responsible waste management is a major pillar of global environmental and health issues. For 60 years, the CHIMIREC Group has been contributing with an ever-increasing demand for the treatment of hazardous waste. With its recognized professionalism on French territory, CHIMIREC has been exporting its know-how abroad for many years.

Provider of local solutions tailored to each country

Because each client is unique and each context is specific, CHIMIREC first listens to the needs and constraints associated with each situation. After analysing the various parameters, our teams recommend personalized services and support our clients in their environmental approach.
At the end of this field audit stage, CHIMIREC proceeds to the waste diagnosis and then to the implementation of the appropriate selective sorting system within the client’s companies.
Listen - diagnose - advise: CHIMIREC is committed to helping its customers with an environmental performance objective for the management of their waste. (link to Selective Waste Sorting page)

Under High Security, Global Waste Management

Collect, transport, sort, process, recover: CHIMIREC supports all stages of waste management. (link to the home page "Recovery Solutions")
For each of them, the Group places security at the highest level, just like its French subsidiaries. The sites are situated in compliance with local regulatory safety standards or according to the group's standards if these are more stringent. Teams are trained in safety guidelines to deal with the potential risks posed by hazardous waste management activities. (link to the page "Safety of People and Sites")

A multi-sector competency

Except for explosive and radioactive waste and waste with infectious risks, CHIMIREC manages hazardous waste from all industries:
Agri-food, energy including wind, automotive and automotive equipment manufacturers, trucks, maintenance, printing, telephony, public works...
Since 2014 CHIMIREC has also been responsible for the collection and recovery of non-hazardous waste such as windshields, bumpers, etc..