Our analysis laboratories: tailor-made training for our chemists

Our analysis laboratories: tailor-made training for our chemists

Hazardous waste management is a risky business and therefore requires compliance with safety regulations, backed up by field expertise acquired through years of experience. Selective sorting, identification, storage, recycling possibilities, and transport regulations require rigorous work processes. The analysis laboratories located at the CHIMIREC sites in France and abroad, play an essential role in the waste management chain.

The job of laboratory technician in the CHIMIREC Group

 In addition to the qualifications required to perform the function of laboratory technician, the specific activities of hazardous waste management require additional skills. With the absence of professional training programmes in this field, the CHIMIREC Group has developed internally, the transmission of know-how and the sharing of experience between the laboratory technicians of the different subsidiaries.

"We are involved in different stages of waste management. First, samples are analysed in the laboratory to draw up a prior acceptance certificate. We need to identify the nature of the waste to avoid any mixtures that could present a potential risk. Also, we determine which treatment and recovery channel will be adapted to the waste collected. Then, upon receipt of the waste, we validate its orientation through various controls and analyses. It is also essential to be familiar with the regulations governing the transport of hazardous waste. Finally, we are responsible for maintaining the equipment in our laboratories.” explains Anthony Caillibot, a laboratory technician for 17 years in the CHIMIREC Group. "At the CHIMIREC Javené site, which specialises in the collection and recovery of hazardous waste and has an ESF (energy substitution fuel) production line, the laboratory has a team of six chemists. For my part, I specialise in the identification and sorting of specific hazardous waste (SHW) from laboratories. Their sorting is particularly complex and requires a very precise work methodology" he adds.

CHIMIREC Javené on a training mission in Morocco

Since its establishment in Kenitra in 2018, our Moroccan subsidiary has experienced strong growth in the waste management market. Today, in addition to the treatment and recovery of industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, it has set up a unit for the production of ESF (energy substitution fuel).

To cope with the growth and diversification of CHIMIREC Morocco's activities, Anthony Caillibot completed two missions to support and provide specialised training to Achraf Elghaffouli, the laboratory manager of the Kenitra site.

The first mission focused on the processes to be put in place for the production of ESF. "Having implemented its ESF chain in 2013, CHIMIREC Javené has solid experience in this field and is glad to share it with our "young" Moroccan subsidiary. Within the CHIMIREC family group, team spirit is a strong value. And it is also a question of applying operating standards that guarantee the safety of people and the site as well as the quality of the ESF produced.

The second mission was dedicated to the management of Specific Hazardous Waste (SHW), following the collection on the site of our Moroccan campus. The management of this laboratory waste required specialised skills in sorting, identification, classification, labelling, storage, and transport. So, we went to help Achraf Elghaffouli. Mission accomplished with success!” explains Anthony Caillibot.


Published : 2022-06-27

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