Our hydro curing and industrial cleaning services

A specialist in hazardous waste management, CHIMIREC puts its expertise at the service of industries for the maintenance and cleaning of facilities and production units.

Safety, quality, and regulation

With specialized equipment, adapted vehicles and qualified technicians, our Group guarantees the safety and quality of its interventions, in compliance with regulations.
Depending on the type of intervention, CHIMIREC provides services tailored to the needs:
•   Cleaning by mobile suction unit.
•   Cryogenics cleaning.
•   High-pressure and very high-pressure cleaning.
•   Steam cleaning.
•   Pumping and dehydrating sludge.
•   Pumping hazardous materials.
•   Chemical cleaning.

Off-road expertise

Working in confined space, cleaning in high spaces, specialized interventions for the petrochemical industries, CHIMIREC has a recognized know-how, acquired over years of experience.
Among its intervention contexts:
•   Factory shutdown
•   Clean-up and dismantling of sites
•   Cleaning tanks, ponds, lagoons
•   Air-refrigerating towers
•   Separators, sludge collectors
•   Transfer of chemicals.