Quality - Safety - Environment: triple certification for CHIMIREC Poland !

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In December 2022, after an eleven-month process, the Polish subsidiary of the CHIMIREC Group obtained triple certification: ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 45001 for Safety, ISO 14001 for Environment. A great way to end the year for CHIMIREC Poland, which becomes the Group's first certified international subsidiary!

A proactive policy of high standards 

In France, all CHIMIREC subsidiaries are certified or are in the process of being certified on the three AFAQ/AFNOR standards. Indeed, the acquisition or opening of a new site is systematically followed by the implementation of a certification process. This Safety, Quality and Environment certification process was initiated by CHIMIREC in the early 2000s, and in 2012 the company obtained a single certification for the entire Group. At the time, this final accomplishment was completely unprecedented in the waste sector in France. This Group certification gives customers the guarantee of an identical standard and service on all sites in France.

The CHIMIREC Group is committed to see its international subsidiaries enrol in a certification process, in full awareness that local contexts, and in particular the regulations in force in each country, may differ from French regulations.

In any case, the CHIMIREC Group is committed abroad, in the same way as in France, to ensure the safety of people and installations and to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact of its activities.

Our Polish team in action

CHIMIREC Poland currently collects, transports, and prepares hazardous and non-hazardous waste for recovery or disposal at its two sites in Warsaw and Lódz. The waste collected comes from all industrial sectors (automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals, construction, etc.). Very soon, our Polish subsidiary will have a third site in Silesia, which will be equipped with Energy Substitution Fuel (ESF) production tools.

In January 2022, CHIMIREC Poland embarked on a certification process involving all employees at all levels of the company and requiring numerous working meetings to complete the essential certification processes.

Maciej Gajewski, Director of CHIMIREC Poland, summarises the main steps :

“We had to:

  • analyse every aspect of our work in terms of quality, environmental protection, health, and safety.
  • anticipate and describe emergency situations or potential sources of accidents that could occur and ensure that all employees have learned the appropriate reflexes.  
  • ensure that all employees can describe the processes involved in their work.
  • create and implement new documents required by ISO systems.
  • ensure that all customers are satisfied with our services.
  • ensure that we comply with all regulations relating to quality, environmental protection, health and safety."  


Today, the entire CHIMIREC Poland team is proud to have obtained, in one go, certification for the three standards of Safety, Quality and Environment. In the eyes of our current and future customers, it is a clear advantage for CHIMIREC Poland that our approach has been validated by a certification body. The trust our customers place in us is further strengthened by this new achievement." 


  • 2004 : dateof implementation 
  • 2collection sites : Warsaw and Lódz
  • 1 treatment site planned (2024) in Silesia. Energy Substitution Fuel: 25,000 tonnes per year when it opened.
  • 47 employees.
  • Activities in 2022 :collection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, transit and temporary storage, waste processing. 11,000 T/year of waste managed


Published : 2023-01-24

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