Recycling plastic packaging

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The CHIMIREC Group supports circular economy and sustainable development by recovering, sorting, cleaning, grinding, and recycling various types of plastic containers and packaging.

Where do these packages come from?

These are barrels, cans, drums, containers and other packaging or plastic objects of hollow body type in HDEP (high density polyethylene), very present in the industry, which have been contaminated and cannot be reused.

What is the recovery process?

The process implemented by the CHIMIREC Group allows to recover more than 5,000 tonnes of contaminated HDEP waste each year. It consists of two phases:
- A first sorting to separate recyclable plastics from non-recyclable plastics, remove unwanted materials (wood, rags, metal), then a first grinding to reduce the volume of plastic waste.
- A new, more refined sorting aimed at destroying alkaline or acidic materials, followed by a dynamic wash and a finer grinding that leads to the complete recovery of recyclable plastic.

What is this recovered waste used for?

The recoveredplastic has a quality close to new plastic material and can therefore be reused by plastic manufacturers and other companies to manufacture new plastic elements: flower trays, watering cans, cans, electrical sheaths, pipes, construction signage, etc.

What is the impact to the environment?

A noticeable decrease in the quantity of plastic objects in the environment. A low carbon footprint thanks to the grinding of plastics before they are transported. The plastic washing water is decontaminated in a purification station, then purified by phytoremediation, a depollution technique based on plants and their interactions with soil micro-organisms.

What is the recovery rate?

100 %.

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