Used cooling fluids UCF (LRU)

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The CHIMIREC Group specializes in the collection and recovery of fluids regenerated from used cooling fluids UCF (LRU) hazardous wastes.

Where do these UCFs come from?

These are fluids from the emptying of cooling fluids used in vehicles, namely ethylene glycol and propylene glycol in a water solution, two hazardous and polluting products.

What is the recovery process?

The CHIMIREC Group regenerates nearly 18,000 tonnes of UCF each year, by fine filtration that clarifies and purifies these glycols. The physical treatment involves mechanically separating solid impurities and liquid impurities, and then filtering them to obtain a clean, reusable liquid product.

What is this recovered waste for?

Regenerated products are used for the manufacture of antifreeze in the automotive sector, for applications of additives in construction and for the treatment of water.

What is the impact to the environment?

This recycling process, which consumes little energy and generates little waste, prevents thousands of tons of polluting fluids from being released into sewers or mixed with used oils. It therefore contributes to the preservation of the environment and contributes to circular economy through the reuse of regenerated UCFs.

What is the recovery rate?

99,5 %.


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