Waste Audit

Waste Audit

The CHIMIREC Group is specialized in the management of hazardous waste and offers viable long lasting solutions to businesses at each stage of their technical, economic and environmental development.

A service close at hand

With its 7 treatment centres, 14 facilities for collection and consolidation, and 9 oil transfer stations, the CHIMIREC Group is there for businesses and local/regional authorities throughout France.

The size of your business makes no difference to us; our teams respond to the particular needs and statutory constraints of each sector: Automobile, Transport, Aeronautics, Energy, Construction, Chemical, etc.

A single point of contact for a complete solution

Our expertise in the management of hazardous waste means that we can offer a complete and standardized solution throughout France.

As genuine experts in waste-related problems, our 100 on-the-ground technical sales representatives are specialized in a particular field of activity (automobile maintenance and repair, construction, industry, etc.).

A single point of contact for a complete solution

Your technical sales advisor is your point of contact who:

  • Completes your waste audit on site.
  • Manages the commercial and administrative aspects of your provision from start to finish.
  • Ensures the standardisation of our offer throughout France.
  • Accompanies you through the regulations (all the necessary paperwork required by local authority byelaws, CHIMIREC waybills, keeps up to date with changes in legislation),
  • Conducts a service evaluation to ensure a continuous improvement in our provision.

Lasting and effective solutions

During the on-site waste audit we can look at effective solutions together, solutions that take into account statutory and logistical constraints along with your environmental objectives.

  • Implementation of logistics and storage strategies (containers that are designed for the type and volume of waste).
  • Choice of appropriate treatment routes that are lasting and affordable (recovery is always our first choice).
  • Organizing work areas to reduce the volume of waste (in the factory or the industrial process).
  • Optimizing the methods of selective sorting.

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CHIMIREC's threefold audit commitment

TECHNICAL Optimization
All our solutions are designed according to the regulations and particular constraints for that client. A provision which is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Taking into account the variety of technico-economic possibilities that exist and the type of waste, we are able to offer recovery at the earliest possible time via our 7 treatment plants.

Costs kept under control along with an improved environmental performance.

ECONOMIC Optimization
We can offer you the best service that takes into consideration your technical and economic constraints along with your environmental commitments.

Did you know?

The Chimirec Group is authorized to help its clients benefit from Water Authority grants. These subsidies can amount to 50% of the real costs and are deducted from the CHIMIREC invoices.