CHIMIREC Canada: alternative fuel on the agenda

CSE chimirec Canada

For the CHIMIREC Group, the production of energy substitution fuels (ESF) is a long-standing expertise. In 2013, the French subsidiary CHIMIREC Javené started manufacturing ESF. Since then, this waste recovery activity has been deployed at the CHIMIREC Socodeli Beaucaire and internationally, in Turkey and Morocco.

Since their creation, the two Canadian subsidiaries of CHIMIREC, Solva-Rec Environnement and FEC Technologie, have experienced strong growth in their activities. Strategically located in Quebec, one of the most industrialised provinces in Canada, they benefit from a very buoyant waste management market. The continuous development of industries combined with increasingly strict environmental regulations are factors favourable to the recycling and recovery of waste, whose quantity is constantly increasing.
The time seems ripe for the CHIMIREC Canada subsidiary to take a close look at alternative fuel production, as local expectations are growing, particularly from cement plants seeking alternative energy options. In its approach, CHIMIREC Canada benefits from a grant awarded by the Fonds Investissement Québec (FIQ) dedicated to innovative techniques in la Belle Province.

Tailor-made ESF

If the manufacturing principle of ESF has not changed, i.e., the shredding of high calorific value waste to which absorbent is added, the expertise of the CHIMIREC Group lies in the quality of the alternative fuel produced. In addition to the calorific value expected by all its cement customers, CHIMIREC is committed to producing ESF that meets their precise specifications, particularly in terms of granulometry.
For this reason, CHIMIREC Canada, with the support of FIQ, is currently conducting manufacturing tests for use by its local customers. It is a matter of anticipating and developing a range of 'recipes' that will be effective by varying the type of waste (pasty, solid, liquid), their proportion, and the absorbent incorporated. Several batches of 25 tonnes will be produced to be submitted to the cement manufacturers for evaluation and to prepare for the future.

Why manufacture ESF?

Remember that ESF has three essential assets to meet the current challenges:

  1. Transforming waste into an energy resource

    Paint residues, industrial and hydrocarbon sludges, glues and sealants, soiled packaging and materials or filtering materials are all hazardous waste collected by the CHIMIREC Group from its industrial customers. Their high calorific value means that they can be used as a substitute fuel for oil. Cement manufacturers and steam producers are the main users of this alternative fuel

  2. Decarbonising industrial activities

    To protect the environment, not only must we save our planet's natural resources, but we must urgently reduce the carbon footprint of our industrial activities. The use of ESF contributes to this. For Canada, the production of ESF significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the current long-distance transport of waste to landfill sites.

  3. Gaining energy independence

        At a time when the issue of energy independence is clearly topical, ESF offers a significant opportunity, while meeting the virtuous criteria of the circular economy.

The CHIMIREC Group and ESF 

In 2022:

  •     In France: about 30,000 tonnes/year of waste were recovered as energy substitution fuel.

  •     In Turkey: 50,600 tonnes/year of waste were recovered as energy substitution fuel.


En conclusion, la production de CSE par CHIMIREC Canada est imminente !



  • 2003 : date of implantation.
  • 2 subsidiaries in Quebec and a third site planned.

  1. Solva-Rec Environnement in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Rivière-du-Loup
    > 62 employees
    > Manageemnt of hazardous waste
    > 31 000 T/year of waste managed

    For more information :

  2. FEC Technologie in Magog
    > 9 employees
    > Management of hazardous waste, recycling of hydrocarbon water, industrial cleaning
    > 6 000 T/year of waste managed
    For more information :  


Published : 2023-04-18

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