CHIMIREC France and CHIMIREC International: strategic cohesion and Group dynamics

cohesion of the chimirec group

From September 6 to 8, 2021, the CHIMIREC Group organised a seminar bringing together all the directors of France and of the international subsidiaries. On the programme: a visit to CHIMIREC Socodeli Beaucaire, the potential of  energy substitution fuel, exchanges and sharing of experiences on the French and international markets.


Co-incineration: further development in France

As one of the CHIMIREC Group's major objectives, waste-to-energy conversion has been the subject, since 2013, of an energy substitution fuel (ESF) production process set up at the CHIMIREC Javené site in Ille-et-Vilaine (35).
Recently, the CHIMIREC subsidiary Socodeli Beaucaire, located in the Gard region (30), launched an ESF production line.
The creation of this new line was accompanied by the signing of a supply contract with the eco-organisation Eco-mobilier, whose activity falls within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). The non-recyclable material from the furniture sector are used to absorb the moisture inherent in the wastes involved in the manufacture of ESF (sludge, effluent, etc.). This process makes it possible to reduce the presence of liquid in the ESF without altering its calorific properties and, furthermore, with a decarbonated residue.

Co-incineration: a promising international development

These two ESF production lines, implemented in France by the CHIMIREC Group, are designed to supply industrial facilities, particularly cement plants, with a high calorific value fuel to replace fossil fuels.
In terms of circular economy, the interest is twofold: the energy recovery of hazardous waste and the preservation of the planet's natural resources.
This issue is not limited to the borders of France, it is shared at the international level. All the managers of CHIMIREC's international subsidiaries are unanimously in favour of setting up this recovery system. This emerging market is clearly going to grow rapidly. The Group's expertise acquired in France is destined to be exported to many other countries.

Exchange of experience and sharing of expertise

Bringing together all the national and international directors to discuss the strategic development of the CHIMIREC Group enables them to validate common objectives and to maintain the team cohesion that is so dear to the spirit of its Chairman, Jean Fixot, and to the values upheld by the Group.
It is a source of personal and professional enrichment to discover and exchange on the diversity of the waste management markets, on the issues here and elsewhere, on expectations, and on their respective maturity.
The experience of some is a source of learning for others, and therefore, a gain in time and performance on the type of implementation of a waste treatment site, on the choice of equipment, on the management of flows, and on the solutions to be brought to certain problems.
It also means maintaining the ability to adapt to the different field contexts linked to the realities of the countries where the CHIMIREC Group has established its subsidiaries.




  •  35 sites in France
  •  8 sites abroad
  •  1,250 employees, including 150 abroad
  •  340,000 tonnes of waste managed per year
  •  180 million Euro in turnover

Published : 2021-09-09

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