CHIMIREC international reporting: a requirement for performance

CHIMIREC international reporting: a requirement for performance

While respecting the local specificities of each country, CHIMIREC nevertheless expects from each of its international subsidiaries the same respect for safety regulations, the same quality requirements for the services provided, the same values of transparency towards its customers. The same applies to the quest for performance and the management and development methods of each CHIMIREC international site.

CHIMIREC reporting: a standard model for all international subsidiaries

Although each subsidiary has a relative degree of operational autonomy, within the framework of the criteria we have just listed, it is essential to adopt a common reporting system for all international establishments.
Indeed, only a data system governed by the same rules enables the Group's management to compare performance by business line, regardless of geographical location, in France or internationally.
CHIMIREC reporting has the particularity of integrating a large number of monitoring and performance indicators. This exhaustiveness of the data collected opens the possibility of cross-sectional and in-depth analysis.
It aims:

  •     to give a true and fair view of the financial situation.
  •     to materialise data and make them understandable to all.
  •     to measure the progress of the action plans put in place.
  •     to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement of the subsidiaries.
  •     to anticipate possible threats and to put in place corrective actions.

It is a valuable information and analysis tool for the subsidiary manager to guide strategic decisions. For the CHIMIREC international manager, it is a reliable and efficient way to monitor the respective activities of the subsidiaries monthly and to enquire, if necessary, about the reasons for variations. For the CHIMIREC management, the reporting allows a global supervision of all the subsidiaries, abroad as well as in France, based on standard Group data.


CHIMIREC Turkey, pilot subsidiary

Initiated by CHIMIREC Avrasya, the implementation of a reporting system has enabled the Turkish subsidiary to drive its development from a waste transit centre to a production site of more than 50,000 tonnes per year of energy substitution fuel (ESF).
Today, CHIMIREC Avrasya's reporting has three tools:


  •      the analytical profit-and-loss gives the financial results of the actions undertaken.


  •     indicators provide monthly information on the performance of each department
  •    KPI (Key Performance Indicator) which, on a weekly basis, allows corrective actions to be taken to achieve the expected result at the end of the month.


 Having proven its performance with CHIMIREC Avrasya, the international reporting will be deployed in the coming year to the subsidiaries, first to CHIMIREC Poland and CHIMIREC Morocco, then to CHIMIREC Canada.

Published : 2022-07-21

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