The CHIMIREC Group: for optimal waste management, with regulatory compliance

Strongly involved in a sustainable development approach, the CHIMIREC Group guarantees its customers responsible waste management. The continuous improvement of our selective sorting processes increases and multiplies the possibilities for waste recovery. A guarantee of reliability and quality, the computerized management of our activities ensures a flawless traceability of treated waste.

100% traceability guarantee

Waste management is governed by many evolving regulations, with the aim of increasingly strengthening risk prevention.
The obligation to traceability is one of them, which implies extreme rigour in the identification of waste  and then in the administrative management of their treatment.
CHIMIREC centralizes all performance tracking on its UNICOM integrated management software. The Group provides its customers with all the administrative and regulatory documents corresponding to each stage of the service, from the certificate of prior acceptance identifying the nature of the waste to the hazardous waste tracking slip. It contains all the information on the traceability of the waste and is proof of its disposal, in full regulatory compliance.

Focusing on waste recovery

Thanks to its expertise in waste sorting, early on CHIMIREC developed recovery channels enabling it to become a real player in circular economy. The Group's objective is the "0 waste" challenge. In other words, find value solutions so that any waste produced is transformed into a new raw material.