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The rise in momentum is confirmed !

Chimirec International Review and Outlook

At the beginning of 2022, CHIMIREC International announced favourable outlook for the development of its waste management activities in the world. The following months confirmed this prediction, despite the context of war in Ukraine and an unprecedented energy crisis.

It is true that the factors that dictated this forecast are more than ever on the agenda. First, the challenges of preserving the environment to which the CHIMIREC Group responds with a virtuous management of waste. And, in connection with these environmental imperatives, the deployment or reinforced regulations linked to the collection and treatment of waste in countries that are now committed to the fight against uncontrolled landfills, which are harmful both to human health and to the natural environment. Finally, a last promising indicator is the expertise of the CHIMIREC Group in the manufacture of energy substitution fuels (ESF), particularly in these times of energy crisis. Indeed, the need for alternative fuels, particularly from the cement industry, has continued to grow throughout 2022.

On this last point, CHIMIREC Avrasya demonstrated its competence and regulatory rigour in the production of ESF. For our Turkish subsidiary, 2022 was an exceptional year in terms of ESF production, in a context of unprecedented inflation. To address the cement industry's strong demand for alternative fuels, the CHIMIREC Group decided to invest in a second operating site.
In fact, CHIMIREC Avrasya is today the leader on the Turkish market and its only site in Gebze does not have sufficient production capacity to meet market expectations. With the opening of a second plant, located on the other side of the Bosphorus, with a surface area equal to that of Gebze, CHIMIREC Avrasya aims to produce 100,000 tonnes of ESF per year.
The manufacture of ESF is also on the agenda in Canada and Poland.

During 2022, CHIMIREC Canada was not spared from the effects of the energy crisis and had to deal with the inflation of prices charged by outlets. Nevertheless, the project for an ESF production line has been initiated. The application process is expected to be completed by 2023 with the construction of the production site to follow.

For CHIMIREC Poland, this is a real boost to its activities in the waste management market. The arrival of the new director, Maciej Gajewski, last May, marked the implementation of a more determined commercial strategy, adapted to local needs, to accompany the strong expansion of this market. And already, the end-of-year results are up, new major clients are entrusting the management of their waste to the Polish subsidiary and good prospects are on the horizon . Recent partnerships have been concluded with treatment plants in Belgium and Germany. Moreover, as in Turkey and Canada, the production of ESF in Poland opens the way for even greater developments for CHIMIREC Poland. With a planned opening in 2024, the new site, located in Silesia, will be able to produce 25,000 tonnes of ESF at start-up and become part of the Polish treatment landscape.


Finally CHIMIREC Morocco, whose management was taken over by Fabien Molinier last spring, has promising projects which, we hope, will see their concrete implementation in 2023.

In conclusion, the increase in waste treatment capacities by the subsidiaries, combined with a very buoyant market, suggests that CHIMIREC International's presence and turnover will increase significantly in the medium term. As a result, there will be many job opportunities in a variety of skill areas !


Published : 2022-12-20

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