CHIMIREC Poland: Welcome to Sebastian Wrzesieǹ!

Sebastian Wrzesieǹ, nouveau directeur de CHIMIREC Polska

Sebastian Wrzesieǹ has recently been recruited to head up the CHIMIREC Group's Polish subsidiary. He has experience of our business sector, having managed a company specialising in medical waste management for several years. He knows the context, needs, and expectations of the Polish market in terms of hazardous waste management, just as he shares our values of high standards.

Before taking over the reins of CHIMIREC Poland, Sebastian Wrzesieǹ was welcomed by our French teams for a period of professional immersion at our subsidiaries CHIMIREC Socodeli Beaucaire, CHIMIREC Javené, and CHIMIREC Aulnay-sous-Bois. This is an essential step in integrating our business model and our hazardous waste treatment and recovery processes.

The Polish market: needs to be met

In recent years, the Polish authorities have tightened up waste management legislation, imposing more stringent regulations on both waste-producing and waste-managing companies.

Against this backdrop, waste management activities are experiencing strong growth, requiring professional staff who rigorously apply safety and traceability rules.

The strengths of CHIMIREC Poland

In Warsaw, our platform is considered by the local inspection services to be an exemplary site, which can serve as a model for the entire industry.

Development projects

CHIMIREC Poland currently collects, transports, and prepares hazardous and non-hazardous waste for recovery or disposal.
To meet strong demand from the Polish market, the CHIMIREC Group is considering moving its Lódz site to increase its operating area. There are also plans to diversify the activities of the Warsaw site.
In addition, depending on installation potential and operating permits, the Group plans to set up a refuse derived fuel (RDF) production line in Poland.

With his professionalism and business development skills, Sebastian Wrzesieǹ will undoubtedly bring a new dynamic to our CHIMIREC Poland subsidiary, in line with the local challenges.


Published : 2023-12-19

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