The collection of hazardous waste is the raison d'être of the CHIMIREC Group. It is a specialized know-how which has enabled the company to develop at a national level and remain as close as possible to each client. Today our collection service is organized into 11 large geographical areas and covers the entire country territory.

More than just transport: a specialized regulated service

Our logistics platform consists of a fleet of 320 vehicles that are specially equipped and conform to ADR regulations (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) : flatbed trucks with tailboards equipped for handling drums, palette trucks, semi-trailers, tankers, sewer cleaning trucks, etc. Our logistics platform is ideally suited to the differing needs of our customers.

All our ‘flatbed' vehicles have a tailboard lift which means that our qualified drivers are able to load and unload drums without requiring any assistance.

  • Removal of your waste within a maximum 10 day period: no storage required.
  • An entirely self-sufficient service: no additional manpower required.
  • Your full drums loaded directly onto our vehicles: you are never without containers.
  • Your empty drums are automatically returned at the same time as the full ones are collected: no excess inventory.
  • A waste transfer note (WTN) is prepared on computer and supplied to you at each stage of the waste management process (collection, sorting, consolidation and treatment centres): a service that conforms to the relevant norms.

An economic and environmental know-how

Our many ongoing partnerships with SMEs and large groups have allowed us to pass on the benefits to all our clients of being able to pool our transport costs. All our collection rounds are organized carefully. Having our own logistics platform has enabled us to safely collect large volumes of waste of different origin and composition.

We will always collect within 10 days, whatever the type or volume of your waste.

  • Economic performance: reduced fuel costs because of pooling no matter what amount is being removed (no more unnecessary storage).
  • Environmental performance: a limited and calculable carbon footprint, a clear improvement in your overall environmental performance.

The CHIMIREC collection service is near your business


  • 38,000 clients, combined collections throughout France (SMEs, industrial groups).
  • 320,000 tons of waste collected every year.
  • 210 qualified drivers (Aptitude test for the transport of hydrocarbons) for an independent service
  • 320 heavy vehicles (ADR ‘European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road' regulations), distributed over 11 geographical areas.


A threefold certification for the CHIMIREC Group which applies to all our sites and to all those fields of activity where we intervene.

Safety: a permanent commitment from the CHIMIREC Group

Safety is at the very core of our profession. It comes from the fact that each and every one of us is involved, that our actions are transparent, and that safety regulations and procedures are rigorously adhered to.

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