Our Eco-partnerships

Our Eco-partnerships

A challenge from the CNPA ‘Conseil National des Professions de l'Automobile' (National Council for Automobile Professionals)

The ‘Défi de l'Environnement' (Environment Challenge) was launched by the CNPA in 2002 and is a genuine environmental initiative whose goal is to enable professionals within the automobile industry to reconcile respect for the environment with automobile repair.

The CHIMIREC Group is a partner within this challenge and helps its automobile repair clients to integrate environmental management and especially waste management into their business.

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Imprim'Vert helps professionals from the printing works sector to reduce the impact on the environment of their activities. This label, which is becoming more and more widely recognized, is periodically requested by public institutions when putting out tenders.

The Imprim'Vert® label requires three simple criteria to be fulfilled:

  • Proper management of hazardous waste
  • Safety in the storage of hazardous liquids
  • Non use of toxic products

The CHIMIREC Group undertakes the collection of hazardous waste from those printing companies that are in possession of this label. As part of our work, we help printing companies to become ‘Imprim'Vert' and we advise them on how to introduce of system of selective sorting.

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is a worldwide initiative from the chemical industry (ICCA) for continuous improvement in the areas of health, safety and the environment.

Our CHIMIREC PPM site is a member of Responsible Care and adheres to the 9 main principles of the Responsible Care Charter which has sustainable development as its ongoing objective.

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