Preserving the environment: the DNA of our business

Waste collection, sorting, treatment, and recycling activities contribute to sustainable development. In 2009, the CHIMIREC Group strengthened its commitments by adopting a Sustainable Development Charter and by publishing its first Sustainable Development Report.

Supporting our customers in their environmental approach

CHIMIREC provides its customers with the experience and field expertise of its sales teams, specifically trained in waste management activities.
Depending on the context and needs, they advocate the best technical and economic solutions for optimal waste management. This support approach is in accordance with the regulations and guarantees our customers a perfect traceability of their waste, safely.

Focus on recycling and recovery

With a constant and demanding concern for respect for the environment and the economy of natural resources, CHIMIREC's ongoing objective is to optimize recycling and waste recovery solutions.
At its operating sites, in France and abroad, CHIMIREC is always working to better sort waste to direct it, as much as possible, towards recycling channels. Turning waste into new usable resources is our Group's daily challenge.

Reducing our impact on the environment

The CHIMIREC Group is targeting to minimize the ecological footprint associated with the exercise of its activities.
Our operating sites and production processes are designed to preserve the constructive arrangements, the production tools, and the control of our environmental impacts. For example, the management of the used water on our platforms is systematically secured to avoid the risk of pollution of soils and basements. Also, the emission of volatile organic compounds is controlled and, if necessary, subject to capture at the source. In the same eco-responsible approach, CHIMIREC is constantly improving its processes to reduce water and energy consumption generated by its activities.
Actions are also being taken to limit its greenhouse gas emissions. As part of our waste collection service, our logistics teams streamline transportation to limit our carbon footprint. As for the drivers, they are trained in eco-driving: a source of fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions.