The Group's international expertise: CHIMIREC Poland

L’expertise du Groupe CHIMIREC à l’échelle internationale, CHIMIREC Polska

In its international subsidiaries, the CHIMIREC Group wishes to apply the same high standards as in its French sites, in terms of compliance with local regulatory safety standards, traceability of the waste managed and, above all, to benefit from the sites' feedback and their ability to implement virtuous treatments that always give priority to recovery.

With over 
sixty years' experience, the CHIMIREC Group has become a major player in hazardous waste management, recognised for its expertise, reliability and transparency. Alongside this professional ethic, the Group continues to cultivate its spirit and values as a family business, which are reflected in the passing on of technical skills and the sharing of experience in all areas.

At the CHIMIREC Group's school

Hazardous waste management activities are fraught with potential risks, which is why they cannot be improvised or left to chance. They require specialised, multi-faceted skills that need to be regularly upgraded at every stage of waste management: collection, sorting, consolidation, choice of treatment, recycling, recovery, etc.

However, theoretical training in these professions is often too fragmented and insufficient to acquire the know-how required for comprehensive waste management.
The expertise acquired by the Group has proved its worth in the field, particularly in risk management and the production of alternative fuels, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). To this end, the CHIMIREC Javené (35), CHIMIREC Socodeli Beaucaire (30) and CHIMIREC Aulnay-sous-Bois (93) subsidiaries regularly welcome the directors of international subsidiaries and their operations managers for hands-on training in site management and manufacturing processes, as well as for sharing experiences related to the specific contexts of each country.
The experience of some is clearly a source of learning for others, and therefore saves time and improves performance, as well as reducing risks. Whether it's the type of waste treatment site to be set up, the choice of equipment, flow management or the solutions to be found to certain problems.

CHIMIREC Poland undergoes training to the Group's standards


EIn May, Sebastian Wrzesieǹ, the new Director of CHIMIREC Poland, accompanied by Operations Manager Marcin Chojecki, came to France to meet the Group's operational teams at the CHIMIREC Aulnay-sous-Bois (93) and CHIMIREC Socodeli Beaucaire (30) sites.

Based in Warsaw and Lódz, CHIMIREC Poland is already recognised in Poland for its expertise in managing waste from all industrial sectors (automotive, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, construction, etc.).
In 2022, CHIMIREC Poland, with a view to achieving excellence in the services it provides, embarked on a 
triple certification process: ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 45001 for Safety, ISO 14001 for Environment. The mobilisation of all employees at all levels of the company led to the successful achievement of certification, making CHIMIREC Poland the Group's first certified international subsidiary.
Today, in response to the needs of the Polish market and the Group's desire to expand, the project to set up a third CHIMIREC site dedicated to the 
production of RDF has been confirmed. Located in Silesia, at Kędzierzyn-Koźle, it will be the first Refuse Derived Fuel production site created in Poland. CHIMIREC Warsaw will be its key supplier of waste destined to become alternative fuel.
It was therefore essential for Sebastian Wrzesieǹ and Marcin Chojecki to come and refine and develop their skills in hazardous waste management, and more specifically in this type of treatment process, with the CHIMIREC Socodeli Beaucaire teams to benefit from the latest feedback in this area.



  • 2004 : date of implantation.
  • 2 collection sites : Warsaw and Lódz.
  • treatment site planned at Kędzierzyn-Koźle in Silesia. Derived Fuel: 25,000 tonnes per year when it opened.
  • 47 employees.
  • Activities in 2022: collection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, transit and temporary storage, waste processing. 11,000 tonnes of waste managed.

Published : 2024-05-28

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