Treatment and recovery

Treatment and recovery

We help businesses to better manage their impact on the environment by suggesting solutions that are affordable and long lasting.

Our teams on the ground direct the stored and reconditioned waste from our facilities to approved treatment centres. They are selected according to the location of the waste, the type of waste and the required treatment route. Already at the audit stage we offer technical solutions to our customers that are adapted to the type of industrial waste and which take into account their technical and economic constraints.

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Recovery: the future for a responsible economy

By relying on an expert knowledge of different treatment routes and recovery technology, the CHIMIREC Group is able to guarantee long term recovery solutions which are adapted to today's technical, economic and environmental issues.

By encouraging recovery at an early stage, we are able to help our clients optimize their environmental performance and do it in an affordable way.

  • Because of our 6 material recovery centres, we are able to offer 8 integrated solutions, combining proven technology and exclusive processes. Our research and development policy is based on our client needs. It responds to new statutory requirements, technological constraints and to supporting sustainable development programms.
  • For any waste which cannot go through the recovery process in one of the CHIMIREC centres, we have been developing partnerships with other centres capable of matching our quality, safety and environment commitments.

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According to Article R. 543-67 of the Environment Code, recovery consists of reuse, recycling or any other action that may obtain reusable material or energy. Recovery therefore includes incineration, where energy is recuperated and composting, but does not include disposing of waste by dumping.

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1416348014.1.200907030429.2.jpgCHIMIREC adheres to and supports European Directives on a citizen's right of access to environmental information. Our sites, with their threefold Quality, Safety, Environment standard, guarantee a high level of protection for the environment and a respect for people's health. You can visit our facilities and treatment centres on request or during the national Open Days.