Aqueous Residues: Physicochemical treatment of aqueous residues

Aqueous Residues: Physicochemical treatment of aqueous residues

Acknowledged for its technical skills, CHIMIREC MALO offers sludge and aqueous residue treatment by centrifugation. The aim is to separate the different elements from the aqueous residue using a physicochemical treatment in order to direct the by-products obtained towards specialised treatment plants. CHIMIREC MALO is equipped with a hydraulic pump which means that the pumping and transfer occur without any direct contact with the storage pools.

Treatment of industrial sludge

  • Centrifugation on our site and mobile dehydration unit.
  • Different recovery possibilities from oil, sludge and residual aqueous effluent.

Treatment of aqueous residues

  • The elements found within aqueous residues are separated using a physicochemical treatment (flocculation, coagulation and clarification).

Treatment capacity for process water and hydrocarbon water: 19,000 tons per year.

Additional activities

CHIMIREC MALO also provides a general cleaning and disinfection service, a composting service and a waste collection service to industry and local/regional authorities.

Industrial cleaning and disinfection services

  • Industrial cleaning (plants and tanks using dry suction, high pressure cleaning (400 to 1300 bars) or by cryogenics.
  • Disinfection: cleaning and clearing out pipes using sewer cleaning trucks, unblocking drains.

Composting of green waste and of M.I.A.T.E. – ‘Matière d'Intérêt Agronomique issue du Traitement des Eaux' i.e. waste material which is of interest to those in agriculture resulting from the treatment of water: provision of aerated compost systems.

Collection and consolidation of Hazardous Industrial Waste or Hazardous Household Waste.

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Type of waste we handle

  • Industrial sludge (sludge from waste water treatment plants, sludge from manufacturing processes, hydrocarbon sludge, etc.).
  • Mixed aqueous waste (hydrocarbon water, process water, etc.).

Material and Energy Recovery

  • Sludge recovery using incineration.
  • Energy recovery - oil for cement plants.
  • Purification of any liquid remaining within organic waste treatment plants.