The CHIMIREC Group : Skills requirement, know-how transfer, experience sharing

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Over the last few decades, the waste management sector has expanded significantly and gained recognition for its ability to contribute to sustainable development and the preservation of natural resources. CHIMIREC's expertise in the field of waste recovery is being exported to countries that have recently become aware of environmental imperatives. 

A founding pillar of CHIMIREC, the protection of the environment led the Group to become involved in the field of waste recovery very early on. Its expertise on the national territory, acquired over 60 years, is a considerable asset for its international subsidiaries established in emerging countries in terms of responsible waste management.

Strengthened international requirements 

Abroad, the CHIMIREC Group is witnessing a growing demand for the collection and pre-treatment of hazardous waste. It is no longer just a matter of collecting waste and knowing how to sort it. It is necessary to know how to extract new resources from them, via recycling and/or recovery processes, in particular by manufacturing Energy Substitution Fuel (ESF)  to replace fossil fuels. 

This approach meets the desire to "decarbonise" industrial activities, just as it fits in with a regulatory framework for responsible waste management, which has recently been put in place in countries such as Morocco, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. 

Skills to pass on, experiences to share 

Waste management is a risky business, especially if it is hazardous. It therefore requires adequate human skills as well as appropriate production tools.To meet the needs of the international market, the CHIMIREC Group is training its local teams in the manufacture of Energy Substitution Fuel, a process that is more complex than simply sorting waste. Laboratory chemists and operations managers benefit from the expertise of French subsidiaries such as CHIMIREC Javené, which has had a ESF department since 2013, and more recently, CHIMIREC Beaucaire.In the absence of a specific professional training programme for energy substitution fuel, the CHIMIREC Group provides internal training in a "companionship" approach, a value dear to this family business. This spirit of teamwork was clearly in evidence at the recent seminar between French site managers and directors of international subsidiaries. Turkey and Canada had something to exchange on common concerns, the Moroccan site had to learn from the experience of the Turkish subsidiary, etc. Links and exchanges were also strengthened between laboratory managers in France and abroad. This partnership logic, this transmission of know-how in a transversal network, reflects the commitments made by the CHIMIREC Group in terms of social ethics.

Published : 2021-11-02

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