Social responsibility: a fundamental value for CHIMIREC

An independent family group, CHIMIREC has built itself on human values of trust, dialogue and transparency with its employees, customers, and all stakeholders. Internationally, the Group exports this societal ethic, and shares its technical expertise in safeguarding the environment.

A logic of partnership, at the service of environmental issues

As we all know, the problem of virtuous waste management is global in scope. All industrialized countries are concerned, and all skills are required to provide durable and sustainable solutions to the preservation of our environment.
As part of its international development policy, CHIMIREC is a key contributor, as a specialist in the collection, sorting and treatment of hazardous industrial waste.
CHIMIREC supports countries in implementing responsible waste management. Listening to their needs, and respecting local requirements and cultures, our Group provides turnkey solutions that meet international requirements.

Local Roots and Social Ethics

For each international location, CHIMIREC brings its expertise in the design of waste treatment sites as well as its production tools. Our Group transfers their expertise and experience in waste management to locally hired staff.
As stipulated in our Charter for Sustainable Development, CHIMIREC is committed to:

  • Defend the human values of openness, commitment, speech, and fidelity that belong to the CHIMIREC Group
  • Listen to its customers, with the aim of better accompanying and advising them, by identifying and meeting their needs by setting up appropriate services
  • Develop skills within the company by listening to employees
  • Constantly improve the working environment of employees
  • Ensure the safety of employees and operating sites.